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Two weeks down, too many to go…

A day closer to home.

I know this blog has focused more on the deployment recently than my writing, but I promise in the new year I’ll share the focus more evenly.

It’s been two weeks tomorrow since he’s been gone.  We’ve spoke a few times and I got a beautiful Christmas present from Tiffany & Co (I wouldn’t have if he’d been here).  I think it must be the time of year but crickey have these two weeks dragged!  I’m hoping once the new year kicks in it will speed by, and he’ll be home before I know it.  It seems to have dragged even though I’ve worked loads, and been so busy.

Christmas was very much a non-event as twelve hours of it were spent at work.  I went to my friend house after work, had a gorgeous Christmas dinner and got to watch their children open their presents we’d bought.  I was very lucky to have spent Christmas eve with my family and in-laws giving and receiving gifts, and I was very spoilt.  Made me realise how lucky I was to have such a great family; even though they are two hours away.

Now for new year’s eve; I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to Sheffield, Wales, Newcastle, but seeing as I haven’t started my assignment yet, due in on the 3rd January, I need to be near enough to home, and sober enough, to do it.  A friend has told me I’m miserable, so he’s going to drag me out with him apparently, it could be an experience.

Right, I’m off to cook my dinner before heading to work.  I hope you had a happy christmas and have a wonderful new year.


About Natalie James

I'm an air force wife. I've been with my husband since 2006 and married since 2009. He's been in the air force since 2002, so it's all I've known. Whilst we've been together he's been to Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm writing a fictional book on the trials and tribulations of being an air force girlfriend. One day I’m hoping I’ll get it day.


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