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Hop, skip and jump…

The ultimate hop, skip and jump (well bounce), but you get the correlation.


Going back to my previous blog on the sticky middle; I’ve decided to hop, skip and jump the point I’m stuck on.  My work in progress, CB&S, now has ITALY written across in size 46 font.  I’m thinking if I can’t write then it probably doesn’t need to exist, but I know in the editing stage I need to add layers, so maybe it will be a layer.  I’m hoping it will open up the block and allow the words to flow.

I’ve also started a new piece; but I don’t think anyone will ever see it.  I think, it’s something I’m purely writing for myself.  I suspect at some point I may actually delete it.  It’s called S? (not to be confused with S, or TS, or CB&S; I’ve just noticed I obviously like words with S as my titles.)

I recently found my childhood writing at my parents, I’m not even sure they know about it, and like above no one will see it.  It’s mainly fanfic, not that I knew fanfic existed, when I get time I plan to read it and see how much I’ve changed and developed as a writer, and I’m sure I’ll cringe too.  I know something though, my assignment writing skills have improved from fiction writing.  Although, the act of fiction writing is much more pleasurable and I don’t feel the need to sit at my desk when doing it.  Some of the skills are very transferable.

Writing is taking a back seat to my assignment.   I resent it, but its necessary.  The assignment is a degree module for my career, and until I manage to get past the sticky middle, finish a manuscript, find an agent, get published, and earn enough to sustain myself – then it’s going to be my career for a while yet.  I start my next module in March and then hopefully my next in September.  I need 120 credits in three years, and I refuse to allow myself to get anything less 2:1.

Anyhoo enough random babbling.  I kind of went off at many tangents this evening!


About Natalie James

I'm an air force wife. I've been with my husband since 2006 and married since 2009. He's been in the air force since 2002, so it's all I've known. Whilst we've been together he's been to Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm writing a fictional book on the trials and tribulations of being an air force girlfriend. One day I’m hoping I’ll get it day.


One thought on “Hop, skip and jump…

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    Posted by Writing Jobs | January 7, 2012, 07:49

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