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I started writing stories when a junior school teacher likened my handwriting to a spider dipping its legs in ink and crawling across my page, aged approximately eight years old.  Initially I wrote about dragons and fairies who lived in the woods behind my childhood home.  Then I moved onto what would now be termed fan-fic, although I didn’t know that’s what it was then – no access to internet back then, and over the years these developed to epic romances with my fantasy men.

My perfect leading men of the mid 90’s:

The Backstreet Boys – Brian

Brian from the BSB (the one with the open jacket and tie), whose name I constantly switched between Brian and Brain – oh dear.





Leonardo Di Caprio circa Romeo and Juliet .






Heath Ledger circa Roar, and then again in a different story when A Knights Tale came out.  The only man to star in two stories. I never got over my crush on him.





These days as an adult, when life doesn’t get in they way, I write contemporary forces romantic fiction, and occasionally throw in the ‘day job’ as an emergency department nurse.

My husband is in the airforce and although what I write is most definitely fiction, there is a definite flair of realism to it.  You don’t live in a forces society, and work in an emergency department and not pick up a few stories along the way, but I bet most people would say half of the tales are unrealistic.

In the time I’ve been with my husband he’s been to Iraq and AfghanistanItaly – providing support for Libya, and the Falkland Island, and of course not mentioning the multiple courses and random jollies in-between.



One thought on “Me me me

  1. Great start to your blog and I look forward to hearing more about your novel xx

    Posted by Liz Crump | October 31, 2011, 08:18

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