The Writing

One day I'll be up there!

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In the beginning there was:
and then
and now I bring you…
CB&Scontemporary women’s
SM? – contemporary women’s
next is…
IADDromcom (I think)

S and TS were my attempts at writing sci-fi.  S is now frankly embarrassing I actually started with my main character waking up *cringe*.  I received good feedback on TS’ concept and premiss, but I also followed feedback and changed so much of the story it no longer felt like it was my own.  I hope one day can return to it, because the main character is completely kick-ass.

CB&S is a contemporary forces romance.  It tracks the life of Callie as she makes her choices between the guy here and the guy over in Afghanistan, and how through that decision she has to come to terms with the past, or risk happiness in the future.

It is a work in progress and between working full-time, doing over time and studying part-time for a degree (work related) it’s another full-time job, but I love it.

It’s called CB&S becuase the title is subject to change – well they all are if I get published because they may want to change them, but I’m still not sure I may use CB&S for another book.

IADD is in the plotting stages; I MUST finish CB&S first, but the ideas were far to fabulous to forget.

But, SM? got in the way!  It was too vexing to ignore.

One day, hopefully soon, I hope to adorn the book shelves in homes, shops and libraries across the world – well you have to dream big!



One thought on “The Writing

  1. I know the title… and I like it.

    We all dream big, but it’s the work that goes it to getting there. I know you will get there. Sometimes, I use writing to forget about the stress of work to escape to another place.

    Looking forward to seeing this one hit the world… one day 🙂

    Posted by Imran Siddiq Writer (@Flickimp) | October 24, 2011, 22:25

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